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Skye & Teighy


The N1H reshuffle

Hola Lola

With the Simmons absence drawing near Susie and myself were left with bated breath until the last possible moment to find out who would be our delightful Feebles fill in for 3 months. There were 2 outstandingly fitting contenders, however when it came down to the gun fire Lola Ferrari was first past the line.

We welcomed her into our abode and the following things did occur….

Jive Night

OMG I never believed Fiona in the past when she told me how utterly brilliant Jive Night was in our Local, The Railway Tavern until I tasted the night furore for myself. Stepping over the threshold of the pub and you are immediately transported back about 60-70 years, and I have never seen such brilliant hair, both male and female, in all my living life.

We took the approach of saying YES to everyone who asked us to dance, no matter how old, how drunk, how rubbish they were – we were not getting off that floor. To say that we became Jive aficionados that night is somewhat an overstatement we did however come away with a passion for the Jive and Lola a girl crush.


Number One Princesses of Tulse Hill West Norwood (post Tulse Hill shooting!)

Someone once told me that every girl grows up wanting to one day become a princess… the girls of the N1H grew up with the mentality of being princesses already, so when we heard that Cousin Willie was getting married to that pretty girl Kate he met down the local we donned our finery, popped the champagne and (of course) made a watermelon pig!

The following description of our day should probably include a health warning as I am pretty sure that it’s not ok to drink 8 bottles of champagne before 1pm, followed by a litre of vodka and some pretty strong rum and gingers.

We sprang into action, rollers in hair, champagne and crumpets for breakfast. Susie made another of her spectacular melon pig delicacies, Daniel dropped over and we sat in anticipation of The Dress. We made all the appropriate ohhhh’s and ahhh’s and then watched them kiss on the balcony before the frantic decision making of what to wear arose.

2pm Heading to Bec’s house for some pre evening fun times with a select group of her friends. At this point I was not to know that this night would behold one of the best dance off's I have ever witnessed in my life. A lot of people reading this will know that I have a bit of an addiction to reality TV dance programming and an even bigger addiction to making Arlene Phillips my nan. When it was suggested I take on the role of Arlene when judging the dance off I knew I could do the job justice – all I needed to do was channel ‘Nan on crack.’ Becs styled out her dance, which was Rhianna by the way, to absolute perfection, managing to find the right level of dance style and sluttiness. Whilst Andy was a dismal display of camp-o-rama dance cliques – and us judges told him so.

9pm We headed on up to CJ’s in an attempt to dance EVEN more, we did succeed. Once safely secured around a table we discovered one of the chairs was one of those that goes around and around and in our inebriated childlike state we decided that we would spin around and around on it. I went first and had loads of fun, Lola rocks up and has a fun twirl. Susie’s turn did not turn out so well – let’s just say at the end of the spin she was no longer on the chair but elsewhere, a little closer to the floor!! Me and Lola fell in love with a girl called Caitlin whom we have never seen again, we meet some random strangers and by 11.30pm (after 15 hours drinking) we tried to go home. The strain of the trip home was evident as I believe my words to Lola that night were ‘You are far more of a hindrance than a help’ after the strain of getting her to walk without moaning for more than 2 seconds became too much.

1am Insert photos of us drunk in Kebab shop to explain all!!

Do you take this Gypsy to be your wedded wife? I join you now in Eurovision matrimony

I am unsure where the credit should lye for the Gypsy Wedding themed party, I am however happy to take any such glory which should be granted. As well as being addicted to TV dance shows, I am also quite a big fan of Eurovision time. Combining Gypsys and Eurovision sounds like a mental idea, however at the N1H we are a bit mental, therefore a perfect theme for a party hosted by us!

The key to perfecting the Gypsy look is this Rimmel rub on fake tan stuff you can buy. We lathered the stuff on like chocolate syrup until we glistened with the authenticity of a caravan dweller. The night was complimented by a rather gorgeous castle cake and, of course, some more watermelon pig.

As guests arrived we became more and more amused with the fabulous outfits on display, I have to say that my friends found it easy enough to find outfits and regalia for the night.

Not content on just throwing an awesome party the ladies of N1H tantalised their guests with one slightly epic dance routine. Being Eurovision night the dance routine was somewhat of an homage to the blue boys in ‘inappropriate gypsy wedding guest’ style – watch out because this dance craze will be hitting a ‘So you think you can dance’ stage this summer.

Fun was had by all – I knew I had fun because I was sporting one of my famous 36 hour hangovers the next day! For days after we were finding remnants of Loraine’s inspired tassel outfit all over the flat, and, as I know you were curious, Rimmel self-tan does wash off white clothes, quite easily in fact.




Easter in ye old country

It's always nice to head back to the old country for a break, this unusually sunny Easter in Ireland was just made all the more lovely by spending it with my beautiful niece and nephew.

We had many a day trip, hanging out at the beach and numerous old churches, including one very humourous Winnie the Pooh moment when Ruairi got stuck in a hole!

Before he got brave enough to dive into the sea
My Beautiful Eanie
'I wonder what's in here....'
'Errrr can some one help me please!'
Hellie G (said in an Irish accent)



Yes we are cool.... gleeks


In honour of the Justin Bieber Glee special


Susie & Carly birthday and getting rid of Feebles for 3 months

Hurrrrah we all cheered when Fiona announced she would be departing these British shores for a mere 3 months...'more, more’ we shouted. NOT REALLY, as her song goes ‘....but we love her!

"It's a public transport montage"
Susie’s birthday and Fiona’s leaving tied nicely into one as we hit the Camden Jazz Club, fun and frolics followed. I have to say no matter how many times I see Susie do the running man in 5 inch red heel it still impresses none the less. This night I also drank a whole pint of lager, once proving to myself that my once allergic tendencies of projectile vomiting lager across the wall have disappeared.

I bought Susie a book of interesting Cat facts for her birthday, I think she liked it, i mean who doesn’t want to know what the most popular Tropical name for a cat is – I believe it was Calypso.

When you google 'a cat called Calypso' this lovely looking chap comes up

Carlys birthday followed shortly after, this time we got to dress up, yipeeee. Usually when I hear the words ‘80’s fancy dress’ I shudder, but combined with roller skates it somehow becomes ok. Here is a line up of the nights most awesome looks.

H E L L I E   G


Bon Voyage Incisive

The best leaving party ever
Claire Dickinson, Conference Manager, Incisive Media

Yes it was a sad affair departing Incisive Media, however, I made up for it with ample amounts of Jager through straws (Caroline’s fault), dancing fresh shapes and drinking Whiskey Sours by the bucket until I fell in a crumpled pile on the floor of the Commune that evening.

Two Jager, Three Jager, Four Jager, there were more....

Having spent four (majority of the time) glorious years at Incisive it was a sad farewell, however when needs must, and a cranky boss to boot, pastures anew waited ahead. It was also a great opportunity to have an awesome night out with all my favourite work folks. No longer will I be a constant voyeur over mini cheddar challenges, games of ‘never have I ever’, and pranks on TJ but now just a passing commentator.

MC Gibbons & C. Dicko
I leave with memories of that British Insurance Awards that was to epic too recall, Lene shouting a Degsy, everyone getting off with everyone and inappropriate movements in the night! Me falling over and breaking body parts after every Broker Awards. Karaoke nights on tap and discovering that me and Claire should be an R’n’B rap act.....the fun times are endless.

Alas I still have ‘Don’t Fuck With My Dinner Club’, and none better excuse to go drinking than to go drinking with splendid old work buddies. Thank you all for some fabulous years.


Absent Blogger

I haven't written an iota for 4 months now. With a quiet weekend ahead expect a torrent of updates and photos to bore you silly.

Love Love
Hellie G

Snap shot of another awesome N1H party